Monday, June 19, 2017

Leg Braces

  Bruce was measured for leg braces on Friday! They will be here in 4 - 6 weeks. We will go to Boise to have them fitted. Bruce said I need to go to learn how to put them on him. 
  We will go to Boise for the weekend soon for the van to be changed over to hand controls and Bruce will be driving himself. Duncan is making preparations to leave. He is working on a plan.
  The hinges are happening here, slow but steady.
 This might be what the leg braces look like. He will use them in therapy. I don't want him using them at home if I am here by myself, the idea of him falling scares me. They want him to use them for 15 min a day at home, they assure us he will not use them at home until he is strong enough.
  We went to La Fiesta for Fathers Day on Saturday night. Our daughter sent Bruce an R2 D2 charger, thank you for teaching me the love of Star Wars! We were able to hear from all the children. 
  Life is mostly good. 

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Men in a row

Men in a row
Men in my life Photo Jeri Mackley

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Look at those guns!
Whoa, look at those guns Photo by Jeri Mackley