Sunday, May 7, 2017

Respite in Rural Virginia

I got to go to Virginia last week!
My dad turned 90!
  My two sisters, Elaine and Bonita joined me along with my 88 year old mother flying to Atlanta and then on to Charlottesville. My brother, Kevin drove his semi and was able to be there for three days. My sister Robin and DIL Angie drove two cars to pick us up. 
  We arrived late Tuesday evening. My sister and her daughter, Patty joined me and we stayed in a local hotel. Sharing two bathrooms with six females and four males might have caused some tension. I know they do it in the third world. We are spoiled. 
  Wednesday we were recovering from jet lag. I helped my sister move a computer and desk from dads basement apartment. We moved the furniture around to fill in the spot. My sister and I cooked taco salad for dinner.
  Thursday we left early for Bedford, Virginia in one car to visit the D Day memorial. We did the walking tour and came home with postcards and crickets. Crickets were used in communicating with the paratroopers. If a paratrooper heard the bushes move he would click once on the clicker, if it was an American soldier they would respond with two clicks. It doesn't sound like a grasshopper to me, just a loud click that the grandchildren will love. I should have gotten two so they could play in the bushes outside. 
  We also learned that Ike Eisenhower set the style with his bomber jacket.
One of the bronze statues has him gesturing with his hand out and this was taken from a photo of him talking to another soldier from his home state, discussing fly fishing. He was known for visiting the men. I figured Bruce would like that story. 
  We returned home and Bonita and Patty made chicken with a honey Dijon mustard, orange sauce and Patty made a salsa with mandarin oranges (or naval), cubed avocado, cashews, sliced cucumber, mint, chopped sweet onion and mint. It was delicious!
 Finally baby brother Kevin showed up. He drives truck and managed to get a load this way so he is here for a few days. Will continue this saga later. 
  View from my sistahs deck
   Update on Bruce~
  He passed his ham radio test! He said he only missed one. Four men gave him the test. He will use a hand help radio til he decides which kind to purchase.
  His leg braces are ordered.
He will get his drivers license in July. 
He is getting stronger. 
His next goal is to stand for Stake conference in November.

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Look at those guns!
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