Monday, June 19, 2017

Leg Braces

  Bruce was measured for leg braces on Friday! They will be here in 4 - 6 weeks. We will go to Boise to have them fitted. Bruce said I need to go to learn how to put them on him. 
  We will go to Boise for the weekend soon for the van to be changed over to hand controls and Bruce will be driving himself. Duncan is making preparations to leave. He is working on a plan.
  The hinges are happening here, slow but steady.
 This might be what the leg braces look like. He will use them in therapy. I don't want him using them at home if I am here by myself, the idea of him falling scares me. They want him to use them for 15 min a day at home, they assure us he will not use them at home until he is strong enough.
  We went to La Fiesta for Fathers Day on Saturday night. Our daughter sent Bruce an R2 D2 charger, thank you for teaching me the love of Star Wars! We were able to hear from all the children. 
  Life is mostly good. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Respite in Rural Virginia

I got to go to Virginia last week!
My dad turned 90!
  My two sisters, Elaine and Bonita joined me along with my 88 year old mother flying to Atlanta and then on to Charlottesville. My brother, Kevin drove his semi and was able to be there for three days. My sister Robin and DIL Angie drove two cars to pick us up. 
  We arrived late Tuesday evening. My sister and her daughter, Patty joined me and we stayed in a local hotel. Sharing two bathrooms with six females and four males might have caused some tension. I know they do it in the third world. We are spoiled. 
  Wednesday we were recovering from jet lag. I helped my sister move a computer and desk from dads basement apartment. We moved the furniture around to fill in the spot. My sister and I cooked taco salad for dinner.
  Thursday we left early for Bedford, Virginia in one car to visit the D Day memorial. We did the walking tour and came home with postcards and crickets. Crickets were used in communicating with the paratroopers. If a paratrooper heard the bushes move he would click once on the clicker, if it was an American soldier they would respond with two clicks. It doesn't sound like a grasshopper to me, just a loud click that the grandchildren will love. I should have gotten two so they could play in the bushes outside. 
  We also learned that Ike Eisenhower set the style with his bomber jacket.
One of the bronze statues has him gesturing with his hand out and this was taken from a photo of him talking to another soldier from his home state, discussing fly fishing. He was known for visiting the men. I figured Bruce would like that story. 
  We returned home and Bonita and Patty made chicken with a honey Dijon mustard, orange sauce and Patty made a salsa with mandarin oranges (or naval), cubed avocado, cashews, sliced cucumber, mint, chopped sweet onion and mint. It was delicious!
 Finally baby brother Kevin showed up. He drives truck and managed to get a load this way so he is here for a few days. Will continue this saga later. 
  View from my sistahs deck
   Update on Bruce~
  He passed his ham radio test! He said he only missed one. Four men gave him the test. He will use a hand help radio til he decides which kind to purchase.
  His leg braces are ordered.
He will get his drivers license in July. 
He is getting stronger. 
His next goal is to stand for Stake conference in November.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Days

March 8
The OT ladies came yesterday to see our routine at home and make suggestions so Bruce can do more for himself, which means more work for me. we changed out the long body pillow and he is supposed to do as much as he can to roll over at night, so I have to wait for him to do his changes then I assist. I still have to get up to put water in the sleep machine and Duncan gets up to help too. It's an insurance thing, if they think he is not progressing fast enough they will stop therapy. So the OT have to make a report that he is more independent otherwise no $ for therapy. It would be our worst nightmare if that happened. Bruce really needs the sessions, he gets depressed it he is not busy. 
   I found a new book series called the Sisters Grim, seven books, juvenile fiction, they read pretty fast but are fun fairy tale detective stories.
I finished two small lap quilt tops, need to get them quilted. One is umbrellas for the library theme in April and the other is a challenge quilt from our group. Need to begin a log cabin quilt, maybe.
March 17
Thank you for the apple pie! It looks lovely. Duncan says he likes your crust better than Kaufmans! That is a compliment. An no he did share...
I went tanning again today for 7 min. Andrew says I am still pasty white.
I went grocery shopping this afternoon.
I took a long nap yesterday. 
Bruce has a sore on his nose from the breathing mask.
Andrew rolled his ankle at bb last night. He is alright.
Looks like I will fly from Boise to SLC by myself. Ben didn't want to pay $600 for tickets for the three of them. I'll meet my sistah and mom in SLC and fly from there. We will have fun, be loud and eat way too much.
Just found out Rob and Lindsey are going to have baby 5! Yeah in October.
Dan and Heidie texted a photo, they will have girl #3 in August.

March 22
The Dr. has okayed Bruce to drive, so we will go to Boise this summer to get the van changed over. Looks like Duncan will be out of a job soon. He will have to decide where he wants to go, Portland area, Utah or back to school.
   They just road swept the road in front of our house for gravel. I love it when they do that and the van was gone so it will be nice. 
Guess I better put some clean clothes away. I already did my dishes

March 23
I'm having a difficult time being positive so I googled things to be grateful for.

Things to Always be GRATEFUL for every day

Family and friends
A roof over my head
Drinkable water
Food to eat
Good health
The kindness of strangers
I can enjoy the small and free pleasures of life.
Access to the Internet.
The setbacks that have formed me and made me stronger.

Okay so that list wasn't long enough, I have modified it to fit me. Of course I alphabetized it, it is the English teacher in me... I would suggest making your own list. 
  Things I am Thankful For 
"I have loved only one man with a passion a flea like you could never imagine." From Second Hand Lions
Children - I have raised seven children, six sons, including one set of twins and a strong daughter.
My family - three sistahs, one brother
I have a college degree
I taught high school English for two years.
My parents are still alive
Air conditioning
Bed to sleep in
Breathing fresh air
Cell phones 
The setbacks that have formed me and made me stronger.
Freedom of religion
Freedom of speech
Flush toilets 
Good health
The kindness of strangers
Modern medicine
Money in the bank 
Roof over my head
Safety and security
Drinkable water
The weekend

March 27
I just got another tan. I will slowly increase my time. I love going there.
 Ben and family left this morning. He texted Saturday they would be here Sunday. I miss the noise and chaos. I will try to keep the rooms clean so they can come and stay with us again. They all stayed in the front room. We had a sleep over. We rearranged furniture again. And vacuumed.
They will be in SLC tonight. They said they would try to get to see mom. 
Don't know how many days they will be there, they are staying with Rob and then off to Arches Park.
Cutthroat Scrabble 

Ben reading reading Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox to get the little ones to get them to quiet down.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Stand, Pivot, Sit

  My eye is twitching. The caregiver didn't come this morning or tonight, dead battery. Duncan helped me. It isn't too bad. I just don't like doing it without trained help even if I did the training.
Cabin fever is not good.
 Thank for listening to me that took my mind off Bruces urinal and backside. 
Rosala stopped by with a cute chicken pincushion. We were thinking we would use it for a door prize in April for the quilt show made from a log cabin pattern.
 Carol is going with me tomorrow to get yellow things for Renee. Liz couldn't go today bad cramps.
  I have a lap quilt we should give to Sandra if you want. Today we were supposed to clean out the t shirt drawer. I got three new ones in the mail for the men folk, Yoda snowflake. 
 Going to watch Poirot.
Bruce was able to do standing without assistance in the pool on Wednesday.
  Today Bruce was able to do 7 stands and 4 pivot transfers from his chair, used the transfer pole, stand and pivot and sit in a regular chair. Then he reversed it stand up and pivot and sit in his power chair.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Birthday Week

    I asked for KFC for dinner and someone will make taters to go with it and a salad.
Bruce got me purple Passion flowers and Ben sent me pink and peach roses. Luke texted, Dan and Robert called and we got to Facetime with our daughter. My sistah sent me a card with $5 in it to spend any way I want. Shelia got me some m&ms. Life is good. 
  I love flowers, 

   I borrowed my friends die cut machine for fabric so I will spend the afternoon playing with it.
  Bruce is gone so I'm cutting out fun umbrellas for a quilt. I'm thinking I will buy more die cuts and we will be able to share. Win, win for both of us.
 I went to a fabric sale on my birthday and spent too much money. Shhh, Don't tell Bruce.
Duncan did the dishes for me. I have to put the laundry away. Thank you Duncan.
I had egg salad with bacon bits Sam itch for lunch.
     Must be time for a nap.

  Duncan and Bruce went to therapy and had the wrong time. They will go back in an hour. Bruce checked it and that is what our copy of the schedule said.
 I am doing 365 items for 365 days, they give you one thing to declutter a day. Today is the pantry, I'm going to Wal Mart and dollar store to get containers. People put items in baskets or clear boxes to organize items.
 We did clean out the clothes closet yesterday and have three bags of clothes and one bag of shoes to take to the DI tomorrow. Trouble is you can't even tell we cleared stuff out of it. How does that happen?
 I signed up for a paper piecing class at the quilt store. It is four green trees with a white background, I'm going to change it to white trees with a blue sky background. We don't have anything green in our house. It is a mini quilt table topper. People use these instead of dusting or doilies. Sounds good to moi.
  Finished top, need to quilt it. The ladies in the class asked me why I was there since I already know how to paper piece, I told them I just needed to get out of the house. I made new friends and learned a new trick or two.
  Nu Motion brought us a new seat cover for Bruce's chair. I take it off to launder and have a dickens of a time putting it back on. Now I ask one of the ladies that helps us to wrestle it back on with me. The man that brought it said they use cheap zippers, even he needed help putting it on the cushion. I was afraid my hand would let loose of the zipper pull and smack him in the face. He said he was aware of that and told me to be careful. We will see how long this cover lasts. Bruce was able to hold his bottom off the chair while we made the cushion switch. He wouldn't have been able to do that a year ago. 
  Bruce is still making progress albeit slowly. He is able to stand longer and walks with assistance. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

January Moments

JAn. 4
I joined this Facebook website for organizing your home in 365 days. She has you do one thing a day. Keeping up with it so far, today is clear off the coffee table which I did as the Christmas tree was on it. So will do a side table today with Andrews junk on it.
   I'm so tired been sleeping a lot. Bruce is going to the Dr. She needs to see him to talk about getting leg braces. Which will then be approved by insurance and then a trip to Boise to make leg casts. Not looking forward to it. It makes my eye twitch. 

 I also signed up for 100 days of real food, she sends you menus and recipes for six weeks. One week is giving up fast food and fried food, not sure if I can do that. This week it is eat two fruits or veggies with each meal, not so well on that. I do like my oranges dipped in chocolate. We'll see how it goes.
So I guess my goals for this year are organizing and trying to eat better and continuing with Zumba, I guess I better add take a vitamin for better health.
   For social I have my quilt group and volunteering at the school across the street once a week. I might sign up for some fun, fast sewing classes at the local quilt store too. It gets me outta the house. 
   For spiritual goals I'm trying to read my scriptures, saying prayers is not easy for me, I get too angry. I do not like my life right now, taking care of Bruce sucks the life out of moi. I will try to keep busy and whine less. Maybe
  For mental I do that Duolingo app to learn a new language and I read Agatha 
Christie murder mysteries. I'm doing better at cooking so that is a fun learning goal too.
Okay there, am I perfect yet?
Mark Twain said we are all perfect and pious the beginning of January and then it is back to normal after two weeks. I'll see if I can last the month.
JAn. 7
Church tomorrow has been cancelled. There is a blizzard outside. The message came from the area regional authorities. We have two inches and 5- 11 is predicted. We are supposed to do the lessons at home so when the boys get up in the morning we will meet and do the SS lesson and then RS/priesthood together if the boys want. Andrew works 2 - 7 tomorrow unless it gets cancelled.
I sewed a yellow strip quilt with grey sashing and will appliqué elephants and monkeys on it. Her baby is due in 4/5 weeks so the sooner it gets done the better. I will tie it.
 Went grocery shopping in case I can't make it out, got milk and eggs, we will be fine as long as the electricity doesn't go out. I have candles and flashlights, not sure if we have batteries. 
  The men are going to come and decide how to update the basement bathroom. The toilet leaks so it will have to be replaced along with a new cabinet for the sink. Will probably do linoleum instead of tile as it is in the basement, hope he has ideas what to do with the shower stall it is cramped in there. It will be fun, loud and will keep us on our toes.
  Luke moved to Portland area to work for a year and a half, then he will return to Utah to open an office there. They made it between storms so they should be set and unpacking today. William was sick so they didn't stop. Maybe we will see them in April. when the weather is better, we could meet them half way somewhere depends on Bruce.
  We won't have to go to Boise to get his cast done for his leg braces, that will be wonderful. They will do that here. Yeah!
   I made cookies before the electricity goes off. We are sorta prepared.
Jan 9
Bruces sister sent us three boxes of books. We sorted them for the ones Bruce wants to keep, some for moi and some to give to the library. The library already had a lot but I found a few to donate and the rest we will trade at the bookstore for credit. Thank you sistah Kathy!
I finished a Christmas quilt backing and then decided I need to make the quilt bigger so might add a border. I love the colors in the quilt.
  I saw I new pattern I want to try and figured I better finish a couple of ufos first. Then I will begin another quilt.
 The library wants to display a couple of quilts so we will do a heart theme for February. I have a couple of small ones they will use. March is green so will have to do some for that too. I like the small table topper quilts. Don't have to dust...
 Have some new recipes to try this week. That will be fun. I think I will do the chicken chili as I bought fancy bread on Saturday and need to use it up.
  This is part of the Ben and Dans family that helped Luke move into their new apartment in Tigard. His new job started on Monday. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas!

   Jean Secl brought over this fun and delicious cake. She used to own TLC cakes downtown. 
Dec. 22 - Been tired, Bruces sleeping mask has a leak and it whistles me awake. Hope to get a nap after the workers leave today. I get really grumpy when I don't get enough sleep. Two nights this week with no sleep and I do not feel sociable. 
The boys and fam are coming today. I'm making frozen chicken nuggets and French fries for dinner, I'm bad, just want something quick and easy. They will take turns cooking, I need a cook for me.
The girl that cleans just texted she has ringworm so she won't be coming to clean and I am too tired to clean. 
Bruce wants to go Christmas shopping so I told him after my nap.
Sorry I am a whiner this morning.
I did get my Church visiting done, VT, yesterday. 
I went to a sewing class and made two hot pads and then spent $200 on groceries. So that was good yesterday. I like the the quick sewing classes they do. I can finish the projects.

Dec 22 - We are playing the Oreo game. You put an Oreo on your forehead and then slide it down to your mouth and decor the black and white cookie. The grandchildren love this game.
We are eating a cheese ball and crackers. Is that healthy? Luke made me buy it from Hickory farms. I got him some new shoes so he got me a cheese ball which Bruce paid for and a nut tray and some pretzels covered in icing.
My bathroom is finished, yeah it is nice and so roomy, now need to find room for everything on the shelves.

My doorknob towel rack, have been hounding, I mean nagging, Bruce for years for build this for me. 
Ernie Simonis has the matching no knobs we found at yard sales. 

Dec. 23 - It is a zoo here, with people coming and going and doing things. I did get a quiet time so that was nice.
The kids are helping with meals so it is going smoothly.
This is what the two years old do when the movie gets old. The adults have gone to see the Rogue Star Wars movie.

Christmas morning breakfast

Decorating a Christmas train cookie with grandpa.

We are a happy family

Men in a row

Men in a row
Men in my life Photo Jeri Mackley

Look at those guns!

Look at those guns!
Whoa, look at those guns Photo by Jeri Mackley