Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday Morning

  I am back to writing. I am exhausted from caring for Bruce. I have anxiety, sleep deprivation and other things I don't want to talk about here. I do take time for myself, I give service, I went to a therapist, I just need uninterrupted sleep for a month...

We had the renovators in to put cabinets in the pantry and a desk/work area for Bruce.

It is really nice. I want to caress the wood just like I do my fabric.
   I went on a three day staycation quilt retreat at a local hotel with a hot tub with a friend. I sewed three tops, ate out, slept in, exercised and talked with friends. Does that rhyme?
This is the center of a pink quilt. I cut it out wrong, so I redesigned it. ahem

This is a giraffe wall hanging, which I don't like and will turn into a baby quilt and donate to charity. I do love the fabric.

This is a BOM, block of the month put together with a BQ setting. My friend, Rosala says I need to add 3 more blocks to make it bigger. 
Go away, Rosala.

  Bruce is improving daily. His spirits are up. He used arm braces in the pool to stand and sit, no walking yet. He is talking about going to Colorado to get some robot legs. We are not sure he will need them, he will confer with the Dr in Tri Cites at the end of next month.
 We have hired through private pay another gal, so I only work every other week end. This is helping. It is the 2 am turnings and anxiety that gets to me.
I entered 3 fabric art items for the Arts East exhibit this month.
 'Heart Puns', black heart, broken heart, etc.

This is 'Bruce's Garden'

This is 'Trauma', the shirt was cut off Bruce when he went in the hospital. They gave it to me before he left in the helicopter, neither of us can remember what he was transported in. ahem it has a couple cards from friends, a joke, and spirit prayers from our friend Pat who is Native american. He always wore his sleeves rolled up, ready for action.

This is the back side of the shirt. It has photo prints on fabric of the ex ray of his neck, the newspaper article, a joke. It is a good show 10 - 4, M-F. at the old library. 
No, this wasn't healing for me, cathartic, the shirt had been in the basement for 3 1/2 years, I will do something with the blue jeans next year. I'm thinking I need one of those bizillion $$ embroidery machines to create the next work of art... 

   I have signed up for two quilt retreats at Wallowa Lake in June and Sept. I doubt I will get much sleep there...
 My sistahs are both losing weight, I do not want to be the fattest of them all so I am going to the Diet Doc tomorrow for a consultation.
   We are improving, we are grateful for family, friends, neighbors, and community.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Walking in the Water

   Yesterday my friend Chris donated a huge garbage sack of quilts to Greenwood School for their Santa Mall. There was a corduroy quilt, an embroidered quilt, a monster patch quilt no several large quilts. She said her mom had made them and never got around to donating them to any one. I took them over to the school and they were delighted to have them. I suggested they do a raffle for the larger quilts. 
   I picked up two friends to go to our churches women's social group called Night Relief Society. We had an ornament exchange, a cocoa bar and some yummy treats I hope to get the recipe for. Mr Durfee and his wife and oldest daughter were there and we sang and listened to carols. It was a fun evening. 
  Bruce didn't have therapy yesterday and so he used his manual wheelchair around the house. He can get around pretty good on his own. Duncan took him to Big 5 to get a leg brace. He gets scratched up in pool time so that will help protect his leg. 
  He was able to take three steps standing upright on his own in three and half feet of water! He is really improving. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Lift Assist

I suppose it is time I update on Bruce's shenanigans.
   As you are probably aware Bruce is doing most of his driving by himself now. He usually goes to therapy and returns promptly home. Alas, he made a side trip to the dry cleaners and while transferring he fell forward out of his wheelchair. The nice lady in the shop saw him and came out. She said she knew what to do to help him as her mom falls all the time. She called 911 and requested "lift assist". Two very nice young men arrived and lifted Bruce while crouched in the van to his chair. Bruce then drove home and did not tell us what happened until that evening while we dressed him for bed and saw a bruise and scratches on his white backside. He then said, 'I wasn't going to tell you because I didn't want you to worry." 
  Knot head, the OT said he was lucky it wasn't worse. The PTs said now you know and can be prepared for it. So when he is exhausted after therapy he waits 10 min for recovery before driving straight home.
   New tile - no more diapers! Huzzah! That really delights me, only have had one wet incident since then. Who knew how wonderful this day would be!
   I am working on costumes for YCC, Youth Cultural Celebration for the Meridian Temple dedication. I only have three more dresses to sew. Friends are sewing bow ties and I only need one more tux, size 36 which we hope to find in Boise this week. The wards have come up with sewers and some of the 103 dresses are amazing! 
Such team work!
  Now it is my turn to fall. After returning from a morning practice in Baker I had to race to get Bruce to a 2:30pm afternoon meeting. I had left my purse in the van and wanted to retrieve it before Bruce backed in. I banged my pumpkin head on the side of the van so hard I fell backwards onto the ramp damaging my pride and landing on my well padded derrière. (That's French for behind) it knocked the breathe out of me and immediately the tears came. I got Bruce in the van and headed to the church wondering if I had a concussion. Upon returning home, I self medicated with a bowl of ice cream, maybe two bowls and some pecans. My friends said my eyes weren't dilated. No nausea, just wounded pride. Sheila says slow down. 
   We did get the fence replaced. Who needs bamboo screens now? And the ramp painted. 
Some YMare coming on Saturday to hack off the blackberries, take the netting off the blueberry cover, rack leaves and lop off a branch or two of an intruding maple tree. 
  Bruce will be very pleased his back yard is shaping up.
  We want to plant a peach tree in the spring and the grape arbor will be built too.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bruce is Driving!

There is a doorknob on the steering wheel Bruce uses. They want his dominant hand to steer which is his right hand. The left hand controls the acceleration and brake. At first he had trouble getting the gas and brake mixed up but he is doing better.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Jungle Gym

Trip to Boise
   We were able to get the hand controls in the van. Alas the owners got the message mixed up and a chair is going to have to be ordered. They didn't realize Bruce has recovered as much as he has. They will also find our shotgun chair and put that in. We will return Sept 8 when Bruce gets his leg braces.
   We were able to get Bruce's wheelchair arm repaired, it was broken off and we found a Nu Motion store in Meridian that replaced it for FREE. Yeah
Duncan got a new pair of shoes and socks.
  We ate at a marvelous restaurant called Panera, a bread restaurant. It was a healthy, fast, friendly place to sup. We will go there again. I had a grilled chicken salad with greens on the bottom and fruit (sliced pineapples, blueberries and strawberries) on top with a poppyseed dressing. A side of baked chips in a bag or a delicious baguette was impressive.
  This week Bruce has developed a dizziness. His marbles in his ear are off balance. I did not know we had marbles in our ears... They treated him in therapy. (Canalith Repositioning) He has to sleep in the bed raised to a 45 degree angle for two nights. I slept on the couch. I have to be within hearing distance. My friend suggested I purchase a moniter so I can sleep in the spare bed in my sewing room. 
   They have almost finished putting the bark mulch on our landscaping. It is therapy for me to see such beauty in plants. The names of the hostas on the shade garden are fun, I kept the tags of the names so I can impress you with my botany knowledge, Big Daddy, Dragon Tail and Blue Mouse Ears. There are two Chocoholic plants, a Red Lightening and a Sea Heart. Do a drive by to admire it. They even put flowers in the back yard. Pink enchiladas, did I get that name wrong? And some black eyed Susan's.

This is the Red Lightening Heuchera, (yeah I have a problem pronouncing it too)
  FREE Market is today. I am taking some junk, I mean treasures to regift to others. I look forward to cleaning out stuff every year. Our church fills the building with items and we return at 6 in the evening to get what we need. I usually don't return as my home is full of things I am trying to declutter.
  Bruce's hands are turning off and on. He can feel them when he sleeps at night, during the day when he moves them around he feelings lapse.
  He stood 27 times in therapy last week. 
 We got a jungle gym added to the bedroom. Bruce uses it to pull himself over at night. No more 2am turnings for Duncan. I still get up to hand him his pill and fill the sleep machine. And speaking of the sleep machine, we had to get a chin strap for Bruce. No more Darth Vader a night, yeah.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hands on Fire!

    Bruce said he woke up this morning and both hands were really warm. It stopped and he could move both Hands and had touch sensation in his fingertips. The numbness was gone. What a miracle! He is still healing. Thank you for your prayers.
  Bruce won a blue ribbon in the fair this year. I, alas, got two reds. I'm blaming it on the long arm quilter. bah humbug. Next year
  We leave Friday for Meridan. We will get the van changed over to hand controls and  Bruce will be doing in town driving to and from therapy and to his Stake meetings.
A big step to independence. 
  They put a handicapped entry way in the stake center, allowing him to park at the FHC entrance and use the automatic door so he can enter and leave the building without any assistance. Now we need to find an accessible bathroom for him. 
   The valley is socked in with smoke from fires. It burns my eyes when I go out in it. Rain on Friday so hopefully that will clear it up.
  The sleep machine isn't working so well. Bruce's jaw drops down and breaks the seal. We are looking into getting a chin strap. 
  Bruce has had another bladder infection. He had to do double duty doing temple recommend interviews this month as other leaders were on trek. Once he is on antibiotics he recovers. He keeps going. He was really tired on Sunday evening, it catches up to him. 
  My friends took me to the new Jaxdog cafe above the former Looking Glass bookstore. We had the most delicious chicken curry salad. The home made bread was fresh and warm. I brought some for Bruce. I want to go back and taste some quiche. They have a very small kitchen and limited menu. It is on Facebook so you know what they will have that day. They have tables downstairs so Bruce will be able to go with me. The owners are very friendly even when I asked the cook to marry me and he politely declined. Two thumbs up! No, no kickbacks for me, just fine food.
  Andrew went to test drive a small car and ended up driving a red BMW. He was set to purchase it and a friend talked him out of it as there is no place in town if it needs repairs. If you hear of a small car or pickup, let us know. I do not like not having a car around for me to drive as Andrew takes mine to work. And no he refuses to ride a bike to work. 
  We plucked several tomatoes off the garden vine this morning. They have black spots on the bottom. We will have to change the way we water. I love homegrown maters. 
  Some wonderful friends gave use some huckleberries! I made a cheese cake pie that didn't set up, however the freezer works wonders.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stuck in the Mud

  Last Saturday I did some compassionate service with a friend, we went to an estate sale in Union to purchase fabric for $2.00 a pound. I came home with a few bags of good quality fabric for baby blankets, and lap quilts for dialysis and maybe something for me.
 Meanwhile Bruce was in the garden picking the raspberries. One of his wheels went off the bricks and he was stuck, apparently he was there for 2 hours. Andrew was still in bed, remember he doesn't get up until the crack of noon and I left before I could ask Duncan to keep an eye on Bruce.
  Bruce had his hat on so he wasn't sunburned. He said he practiced whistling for a while. He tried yelling for the neighbors and they couldn't hear him, not enough lung power. He tired rocking back and forth to get out like you downed you are stuck in the snow, that didn't work. He finally sees a neighbor across the alley yells, "howdy neighbor". He tells him he is stuck and he meets Peter. Peter tries to get him out and ends up knocking on the door for Duncan, they can't get him out and they wake Andrew. The three can't get him out. (should we write a song about a little old man that was swallowed by the mud?) peter shad he can winch him out. Duncan suggests they move some of the bricks and .bruce is able to get out.
  So next Bruce decides to work in the shop. He goes to open the back door and his feet plates ram the door and breaks off the lock. (he has the chair on rabbit not turtle.)
  Next he is backing up in the garage and his back wheels snag the underside of the front bumper of the Hyundai which is plastic and he removes that from the car. He and Andrew fix it before I return. 
  See, I can't leave him, he gets into trouble.
   Just one of those days. 
He said he learned his lesson and will take his cell phone with him. I will have to carry mine with me. It is not a habit I am used to doing. 

Men in a row

Men in a row
Men in my life Photo Jeri Mackley

Look at those guns!

Look at those guns!
Whoa, look at those guns Photo by Jeri Mackley