Monday, August 7, 2017

Hands on Fire!

    Bruce said he woke up this morning and both hands were really warm. It stopped and he could move both Hands and had touch sensation in his fingertips. The numbness was gone. What a miracle! He is still healing. Thank you for your prayers.
  Bruce won a blue ribbon in the fair this year. I, alas, got two reds. I'm blaming it on the long arm quilter. bah humbug. Next year
  We leave Friday for Meridan. We will get the van changed over to hand controls and  Bruce will be doing in town driving to and from therapy and to his Stake meetings.
A big step to independence. 
  They put a handicapped entry way in the stake center, allowing him to park at the FHC entrance and use the automatic door so he can enter and leave the building without any assistance. Now we need to find an accessible bathroom for him. 
   The valley is socked in with smoke from fires. It burns my eyes when I go out in it. Rain on Friday so hopefully that will clear it up.
  The sleep machine isn't working so well. Bruce's jaw drops down and breaks the seal. We are looking into getting a chin strap. 
  Bruce has had another bladder infection. He had to do double duty doing temple recommend interviews this month as other leaders were on trek. Once he is on antibiotics he recovers. He keeps going. He was really tired on Sunday evening, it catches up to him. 
  My friends took me to the new Jaxdog cafe above the former Looking Glass bookstore. We had the most delicious chicken curry salad. The home made bread was fresh and warm. I brought some for Bruce. I want to go back and taste some quiche. They have a very small kitchen and limited menu. It is on Facebook so you know what they will have that day. They have tables downstairs so Bruce will be able to go with me. The owners are very friendly even when I asked the cook to marry me and he politely declined. Two thumbs up! No, no kickbacks for me, just fine food.
  Andrew went to test drive a small car and ended up driving a red BMW. He was set to purchase it and a friend talked him out of it as there is no place in town if it needs repairs. If you hear of a small car or pickup, let us know. I do not like not having a car around for me to drive as Andrew takes mine to work. And no he refuses to ride a bike to work. 
  We plucked several tomatoes off the garden vine this morning. They have black spots on the bottom. We will have to change the way we water. I love homegrown maters. 
  Some wonderful friends gave use some huckleberries! I made a cheese cake pie that didn't set up, however the freezer works wonders.

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