Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Jungle Gym

Trip to Boise
   We were able to get the hand controls in the van. Alas the owners got the message mixed up and a chair is going to have to be ordered. They didn't realize Bruce has recovered as much as he has. They will also find our shotgun chair and put that in. We will return Sept 8 when Bruce gets his leg braces.
   We were able to get Bruce's wheelchair arm repaired, it was broken off and we found a Nu Motion store in Meridian that replaced it for FREE. Yeah
Duncan got a new pair of shoes and socks.
  We ate at a marvelous restaurant called Panera, a bread restaurant. It was a healthy, fast, friendly place to sup. We will go there again. I had a grilled chicken salad with greens on the bottom and fruit (sliced pineapples, blueberries and strawberries) on top with a poppyseed dressing. A side of baked chips in a bag or a delicious baguette was impressive.
  This week Bruce has developed a dizziness. His marbles in his ear are off balance. I did not know we had marbles in our ears... They treated him in therapy. (Canalith Repositioning) He has to sleep in the bed raised to a 45 degree angle for two nights. I slept on the couch. I have to be within hearing distance. My friend suggested I purchase a moniter so I can sleep in the spare bed in my sewing room. 
   They have almost finished putting the bark mulch on our landscaping. It is therapy for me to see such beauty in plants. The names of the hostas on the shade garden are fun, I kept the tags of the names so I can impress you with my botany knowledge, Big Daddy, Dragon Tail and Blue Mouse Ears. There are two Chocoholic plants, a Red Lightening and a Sea Heart. Do a drive by to admire it. They even put flowers in the back yard. Pink enchiladas, did I get that name wrong? And some black eyed Susan's.

This is the Red Lightening Heuchera, (yeah I have a problem pronouncing it too)
  FREE Market is today. I am taking some junk, I mean treasures to regift to others. I look forward to cleaning out stuff every year. Our church fills the building with items and we return at 6 in the evening to get what we need. I usually don't return as my home is full of things I am trying to declutter.
  Bruce's hands are turning off and on. He can feel them when he sleeps at night, during the day when he moves them around he feelings lapse.
  He stood 27 times in therapy last week. 
 We got a jungle gym added to the bedroom. Bruce uses it to pull himself over at night. No more 2am turnings for Duncan. I still get up to hand him his pill and fill the sleep machine. And speaking of the sleep machine, we had to get a chin strap for Bruce. No more Darth Vader a night, yeah.

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