Sunday, May 27, 2018

Springtime MUD

  Bruce walked 175 steps in the harness and the brace (Herman). Bruce is getting stronger!
He stands up at home with the brace and the help of two ladies for 7 - 12 min in the morning.
As you can see, he has been spending time in the garden, that man is still tracking dirt in the house!
  I have joined the Diet Doc here in town and am learning how to eat healthy. Bruce loves the new recipes we are trying. I was eating too many carbs and wanting to sleep all the time.
I eat protein with every meal, some carbs and healthy fats. I've lost 17 lbs since Dec.

    Things I’ve Changed to Lose Weight
    My Fitness Pal – a FREE app - it balances your protein, carbs and fats – it turns red when you go over, ahem not that I would know… it adds the carbs, fats and proteins so you don’t have to! If you bite it, write it!
   Facebook – Diet Doc in La Grande - has recipes and food suggestions
BBQ sauce – G Hughes Smokehouse Sugar Free BBQ Sauce
BREAD – Famous Dave’s Thin Sliced – Good Seed or Powerhouse – this is expensive but most tasty – 60/80 calories
Cheese sticks - Light
Chicken – Grilled – 4-5 min on each side, no turning keeps it moist
CHIPS – Kettle – Baked, I don't like the rice cakes
DRESSING – Bolthouse Farms or Litehouse dressing – made with yogurt, the Salsa Ranch is yummy
Garden – plant cherry tomatoes, lettuce, spaghetti squash, spinach, yellow squash
ICE CREAM – Halo Top by the pint - just don’t eat the whole pint like I did, it was worth it…
MAYO - Avocado oil Mayo
MEAT – changed to turkey – bacon, pepperoni and sausage – added Canadian Bacon to breakfast
NUTS – almonds or walnuts
PIZZA - cut up pizza slice, eat on salad – pizza crotons!
POPCORN – use coconut spray oil and sea salt
SALADS – use Spring Mix – add crunchy foods – bell peppers, raw, green sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes
TUNA - 1 TBS of avocado mayo and 1 tsp of virgin olive oil, chives
WATER – drink 2 cups of H2O before each meal and snack, you may not eat until you have drunk the water – 8 cups a day – she said research shows water dilutes the stomach acids as they digest the food so drink the water before eating
   Weekly menus - – she does weekly menus and you can search – most are edible, just try a new one each week
 So, the skinny babes grill the meat and eat fruit... sigh
I'm not giving away any Diet Doc secrets, I do not share their menus or pep talks.
I've also started doing sprouts, who knew they were so totally easy to do! The alfalfa sprouts are the sweetest.
  Duncan has decided to go to school in the fall in drafting at Klakamus and his brother and family said he could live with him. He is looking for a summer job, he has had several interviews.
   Andrew works at Skip Line in the old Bronson Lumber building, they employ 25 people. He solders computer chips for the machines that make the paint lines. Apparently there are only two of these companies in the US.
  I'm feeling more relaxed since I only care for Bruce every other week end, who knew this is so difficult?
 Please don't tell me to call you if I need help. Ask yourself, "What kind of help would you want if you were in this situation? " and then do that, cookies are good, pulling weeds is better, the best, take Bruce to lunch. I take someone to lunch every week so I am good.
  We pray daily to find others that need help and bless their lives with our junk, I mean things we no longer need, no wait, how about our presence?
  My skill is sewing, I help others by making quilts. I want all the quilts I've given away displayed at my funeral. That will be my legacy and KFC, I love KFC and they have grilled meat, so it is healthy.


Rob said...

Mom, you are a hilarious woman. :0) Love you.

Susan said...

I've always loved your dry wit, and it's still there! This dieting sounds great, and it seems to be working, too. It was exciting to come over and read that Bruce has made that much progress! I don't pull weeds OR make cookies ... need any fabric? =)

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